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We are thrilled to offer you the exclusive opportunity to schedule a personalized 1 on 1 call with MrKillDaMarkets! This one-of-a-kind experience will allow you to connect with MrKillDaMarkets on a deeper level, 

Who Is Mr.KillDaMarkets?

Meet Mr. KillDaMarkets, a digital entrepreneur, investor, and mentor with a passion for educating individuals on personal development and the law of attraction. As the owner of the largest Hedge Fund in The Bahamas, he's recognized as one of the youngest top achievers in his country. Mr. KillDaMarkets is determined to positively impact one billion people worldwide and has created multiple organizations focused on personal and financial growth. Through mentorship, investment guidance, and philanthropy, he's a great example of a professional making a difference in the world.

benefits of private calls

Core Points For Privacy

On Your Time

You Choose The Time & Date That Works Best For You From Mr.KillDaMarkets Schedule.

Strategy Development

Work On Developing Your Unique Strategy/Approach To The Markets or Your Marketing Approach Online.

Tailored Advice

Presentation Prep For The Call Once It Is Booked 90 Hours In Advance With Tailored Topics And Information For The Call.

Ask Any Question

Feel Free To Discuss Whatever You Like On Your Call With Mr.KIllDaMarkets

60 Minutes


You Get On A 60 Minute Personal Call With Mr.KillDaMarkets

2 Hours


You Get On A 60 Minute Personal Call With Mr.KillDaMarkets



3 Calls For The Week + Free $10k Already Funded Prop Account For You ( with option for me to manage it for you )